Development Toolkit


Comprehensive Plan 

Powell’s guiding land use, transportation, and financial plan.

Comprehensive Plan | October 6, 2015
Comprehensive Plan Appendix | October 6, 2015



Downtown Street System & Circulation Plan

This more focused planning effort was undertaken to develop design concepts for physical improvements to existing streets and parking areas and for new potential street and alley connections that will help alleviate congestion and improve traffic flow at the Olentangy & Liberty Street intersection.



revitalization plan minipicDowntown Revitalization Plan 

A plan targeting Powell’s downtown area in efforts to enrich area streetscape, businesses, and link downtown with the rest of the city.





Downtown Architectural Guidelines 

Guidelines for new construction and renovation of buildings in Powell’s historic downtown.





Pedestrian Scale Design Guidelines Manual 

Guidelines to achieve an environment that is safe, attractive and supportive (friendly) to pedestrians.





Market Analysis

Vogt Strategic Insights conducted a Market Analysis for the City of Powell in order to determine where the City should focus its development efforts with its limited resources.







Boundary Map
Use this map to check if you are within the city limits.





Zoning Map
Use to check zoning within Powell.





Land Use Map
Shows the current use of land (not zoning).





Subdivision Map
Use to check subdivisions within Powell.





Active Developments Map
Shows approved developments currently under construction.





Biking Paths Map
Shows the existing and propose bike paths throughout the City of Powell.






Residential (patios, fences, decks, and home occupations)

Commercial (including signs)





commercial iconAvailable Commercial Properties
Use this tool to view a list of commercial properties within Powell





City Code:

code minipicFull text
Part 11: Planning and Zoning





Updated sign codes

Updated sign codes reflecting changes made on 9/16/15 banning

all temporary signs and increasing area for permanent signage




2019 Submission Deadlines for Advertisement/Notification

2020 Submission Deadlines for Advertisement/Notification 




Powell Pocket Guide To Signs
A general guide to Powell’s sign code; code of ordinance: chapter 1151.





Setback & Tree Planting Cheat Sheet
A general guide to Powell’s zoning setback requirements for each subdivision.