Community Policing Philosophy


Powell’s community policing efforts fall into both traditional and contemporary categories, including bicycle and foot patrols; preventative patrols; and problem-area traffic enforcement.

Bicycle Patrol

Officers patrol on bicycles, weather permitting, reaching out to citizens and improving our overall crime detection efforts.

Foot Patrol

Utilized in neighborhoods and business areas, foot patrol officers enforce parking regulations, look for signs of criminal activity and advise of security concerns.

Preventative Patrol 

When an officer observes a possible threat to community member or visitor’s property, contact is made by phone or in person to advise of the findings. If possible, the officer will secure the area. The officer will leave a Preventative Patrol Notice to serve as a future reminder to secure property.

Concentrated Enforcement

When the department receives a traffic complaint from citizens, officers are assigned to monitor the identified area to ensure traffic laws are being followed. The department strives to obtain voluntary compliance with all laws.



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