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The City of Powell Building Department functions to help ensure uniform standards of construction, repairs and alterations of all structures and buildings within the City of Powell.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Fee Schedule (effective 01/01/2021)


Operations Update (Nov. 12, 2020): 

  • Residential homes that are unoccupied will continue to be inspected using our normal inspection procedures. Outdoor project inspections will also still be performed in person, such as decks, screen porches, pergolas, sheds, patios, pools, etc.
  • Residential home inspections will continued to be scheduled.  The projects to be inspected would include furnace/air conditioner replacements, gas pressure test, basement finishes, interior remodels and additions.
  • When performing inspections of occupied residences during the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency, the following protocol will be observed:
    -Inspectors will contact the customer prior to the inspection and ask if someone in the home has a fever (>100.4°) or flu-like symptoms or has come in contact with someone with flu-like symptoms. If the answer is yes, the inspection will be canceled and noted in the comments of the inspection results.
    -Only one person will be permitted to greet and accompany the inspector and must wear a face covering. If the homeowner refuses to wear a face covering, they must remove themselves from the inspection area and allow the contractor to handle the inspection or it will not be performed.
    -The customer or contractor will be asked to open doors to the inspection and maintain social distancing at all times.  If the 6 ft. distancing is not possible, the customer will be asked to remove themselves from the area once all doors are opened.
    -Inspectors will also be required to wear a face covering.
  • For inspections that cannot be performed due to the health condition of the customer or refusal of the customer to follow protocol, they may be rescheduled for a later date.
  • Every attempt will be made to get your inspection the day you have requested it.  Do not schedule any inspection until all of the work is completed and ready to be inspected.
  • Inspections for commercial, multi-family new buildings, and residential new buildings will continue in person with scheduling occurring online here or by the inspection phone line at 614-802-1200.
  • If you’re dropping off drawings, permit applications or other documents, there will be a drop box near the Municipal Building Main Entrance, 47 Hall Street. Please email or call prior to delivery and let us know what you will be dropping off.
  • If you have items to pick up, there will be a separate pick-up box for that. You will be notified via email with an invoice attached. Items will be bundled with your name on them.
  • Fees may be paid online here once you have received an invoice from the City.


Patio Heater Guidelines 
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and as we head into cooler months, the city of Powell and Liberty Township Fire Department have established a set of guidelines surrounding the use of portable heaters. The city of Powell, in cooperation with the Liberty Township Fire Department have developed Patio Heater Guidelines to allow businesses the use of outdoor patio propane heaters throughout the city. Visit here for a complete list of guidelines. 


Inspections called/emailed in by 3:00 pm weekdays will be performed on the next business day.

Visit here to schedule an inspection.

To cancel an inspection, please contact Crystal Stair at 614.885.5380 ext. 1012. 

Contractor Registration

Any person or company (including subcontractors) intending to do work for which a permit is required needs to register as a contractor with the City of Powell. Visit here for our online contractor registration form. 

In order to register, the following will be required:

-Completed Contractor Registration Application

-Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the City of Powell as a certificate holder

-Copy of Workers Compensation Certificate

-Copy of State License (if applicable)

-Registration Fee


Ohio Building Codes


Kevin Moran
Chief Building Official
614.885.5380 ext.1013
Crystal Stair
Permit Technician
614.885.5380 ext. 1012
Todd Shetler
Building Inspector
614.885.5380 ext. 1014