Street Trees


This web page is intended to provide information regarding the selection and maintenance of street trees and other trees within the community. For more information call (614) 885-5380.


Street trees are considered any tree that lines the side of the right of way along the road, most are City-owned trees.


– The City is required to maintain 14′ of clearance on all roadways. This allows school buses, delivery trucks, plow trucks, etc. to pass without damaging their vehicles or the trees.
– The City trims trees as time permits. We do not have a dedicated forestry department, so our public service staff typically works on one street at a time, trimming trees until that street is done before moving on to the next one.
– Staff receives annual professional training on proper tree care and trimming and ALWAYS trims with the long-term health of the tree in mind.
– Staff will place TEMPORARY NO PARKING SIGNS in the areas they are working to avoid any issues with vehicles being in the path of possible falling branches.
– When trimming City street trees, we will trim all sides of the tree to maintain a healthy tree and will remove any deadwood or dead branches that inhibit healthy growth.
– Some City street trees appear on the approved tree list from the Columbus Zoo. When we are trimming these types of trees, the Zoo will haul away these branches and use them to feed certain animals at the zoo. Other branches that are trimmed are loaded and hauled to a temporary storage yard, where they are turned into mulch and used in the City parks.
– The City will not trim trees on private property that are not affecting the right of way. Residents can hire a professional service to have their trees trimmed.
– City residents should do their best to keep sidewalks clear and passable.


– Street trees must be 2″ caliper or larger
– Trees must be located no closer than 35′ from an intersection
– Trees must be located no closer than 10′ from fire hydrants and utility poles
– Use small class trees when planting under overhead wires
– Planting behind the sidewalk is encouraged with small tree lawns, however private maintenance is required
– The City of Powell assumes the job of pruning and removal of street trees in the public right of way
– No street trees shall be topped



Click here to view the full approved planting list for street trees within the city of Powell.








Click here to view a list of plantings that are undesirable for most circumstances.







Click on the links below to learn more about street trees and maintenance.


The City of Powell Public Service Department will make every attempt to respond to your request within 48 hours of notification. Submit a public service request here. If you feel this is an urgent situation, please contact the City of Powell Municipal Offices at 614.885.5380, extension “0”. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


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