Snow and Ice Removal


Whenever the City experiences snow during the winter, the Public Service Department does its best to keep the streets clear and safe for travel. Primary streets, including Powell Road, Olentangy Street, Liberty Street, Murphy Parkway, Sawmill Road and parkways, are serviced first.

“Collector” streets, which include Ridge Side Drive, Ashmoore Drive, Village Park Drive, Chenango Drive, Hopewell Drive, Beech Ridge Place, Briarbend Boulevard, Vinwood Lane, Zion Drive, Grandshire Drive, Weatherburn Drive, Olentangy Ridge Place and Bartholomew Boulevard, are then serviced. Clearing these streets allows residents to come and go from various subdivisions within the City. Once a storm ends and the priority streets are cleared, other streets and cul-de-sacs within the community will be cleared.

Visit the City‘s interactive snow removal map to find out what priority level your street is before the next winter storm strikes. The City of Powell focuses on keeping the main streets, steep streets and school bus routes open.

Snow Removal Tips

-Avoid parking on streets or courts overnight during the winter months when snow is possible

-Try to keep fire hydrants clear of snow if one is located in your yard.

-Place snow from plowed driveways to the right of driveways when facing the street to help City staff keep from plowing the snow back onto your property.

-Be cautious of the “Powell Road hill” at SR 315 & Powell Road. This stretch of road often is very slippery, and is not within the City’s maintenance jurisdiction.

Please be patient, as attention must first be focused on keeping the main streets, steep streets and school bus routes open.



Buddy Caplinger
Public Service Director
614.885.5380 ext. 1065