Snow and Ice Removal

The City of Powell is committed to the safety of its residents, businesses, and visitors, as well as delivering the highest quality of service possible. The City’s snow removal policy strives to ensure that roads throughout Powell are cleared in a safe, logical, and responsible manner.


During a snow event, the City’s Public Service Department operates on a snow-clearing schedule that prioritizes streets as follows:

Arterial – main streets that experience the most traffic volume and are essential to travel throughout the city.

Collector – streets that lead to arterial streets.

Residential – neighborhood streets that lead to collector streets.

Court – cul-de-sacs.

Check out the City‘s snow removal map to find out the priority level of your street.


Salting/Plowing Procedure

While each weather event will be evaluated and treated on an individual basis, the general guidelines are as follows:

In anticipation of a snow event, arterial and collector streets may be salted.

In the event of 1″ of snow or less, crews will continue to salt arterial and collector streets.

In the event of 1-3″ of snow, streets will be plowed and salted in the order of arterial, collector, residential, and courts during daytime hours.

In the event of 3″ of snow or more, salting and plowing will continue 24 hours/day until all streets are cleared and the snow emergency has passed.


Bike/Walking Paths

While streets are the main focus of the City’s snow and ice removal efforts, bike/walking paths may be addressed if time and resources allow.


How You Can Help!

Avoid parking on streets or courts when snow is possible.

If you have a fire hydrant in your yard, try to keep it clear of snow.

Place snow plowed from your driveway into your yard and not the street. This will help City staff keep from plowing the snow back onto your property.

Please be patient as attention must first be focused on keeping the main streets and school bus routes open.

To keep everyone safe, don’t crowd the plow!


Grant Crawford
Public Service Director
614.885.5380 ext. 1065


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