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Question: My mailing address is Powell, Ohio 43065…does that automatically make me a resident of the City of Powell?

Answer: Not necessarily. The Powell 43065 mailing address identifies only the postal area within which your home resides, rather than the governmental jurisdiction. The Powell 43065 zip code encompasses an area that includes the City of Powell; Shawnee Hills; parts of Concord, Liberty and Orange townships; and the Smokey Row Road area of the City of Columbus. Each of these areas has its own specific type of government with local representatives, taxation and resident services.

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The City of Powell
Shawnee Hills (not in City)
Concord Township (small part is located in the City)
Orange Township (not in City)
Liberty Township (partial)
Northwest Franklin County/City of Columbus (Smokey Row Road area only) (not in City)

Question: Is there another way for me to determine if I am a City of Powell resident?

Answer: Certainly. If you reside within a subdivision or a condo community, you may preview the list below of communities falling within the municipal boundaries. These areas of residency are subject to City income tax and eligible for services provided by the City.

Bartholomew Run
Brookehill Condos
Cardinal Hill
Chambers Glen
Commons of Powell Condos
Deer Run
Falcon Ridge
Golf Village
Lakes at Golf Village Condos
Lakes of Powell
Liberty Hills
Liberty Ridge
Middlebury Estates
Murphy Park
Olentangy Ridge
Powell Place
Rutherford Estates
Stonebridge Condos
The Chase
The Reserve at Scioto Glenn
The Retreat
Traditions of Powell Condos
Village at Kinsale Condos
Village at Murphy Crossing Condos
Village at Murphy Park Condos
Village at Powell Condos
Village at Woodcutter Condos
Woods of Big Bear Farms Condos
Woods of Powell
Woods of Sawmill

Question: If my residence or business did not fall within the communities listed above, or if I have further questions, is there someone I may contact for more information?

Answer: Yes, of course. We’d be happy to assist you. Please contact the City of Powell at 614.885.5380.


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