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2016 Annual Report

This past year we moved closer to our overall goal of helping traffic flow safely and timely through the City. We launched our Keep Powell Moving initiative, opened the new Murphy Parkway Extension and installed the railroad queue cutter signal. The Ohio Department of Transportation widened and dramatically improved the Sawmill Parkway and SR 750 intersection, and Delaware County opened the new Sawmill Parkway extension. Together, these projects Keep Powell Moving.

Our community didn’t go unnoticed last year either. WalletHub ranked Powell as one of the best places to live for Ohio families; Movoto Real Estate ranked Powell as the third best suburb in Columbus for families; and Powell was named one of the safest communities in Ohio. We also were named the Best Hometown by Ohio Magazine and 95 percent of our residents rated Powell as an exceptional or better than average place to live in the 2016 Community Attitude Survey.


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