Historic Downtown Advisory Commission

Historic District Advisory Commission Members:

Tom Coffey – Chairman
Larry Coolidge – Vice Chairman
Brad Coomes
James Strunck
Erin Wesson
Steve Reynolds – Architectural Advisor

About the Commission

The Historic Downtown Advisory Commission was established to review proposals involving environmental changes in the Downtown District of the City of Powell, an area which is comprised of all lands located within the Downtown Business and Downtown Residential zoning districts. Applications brought before the Historic Downtown Advisory Commission are known as Certificates of Appropriateness.

Application Procedures

Please consult the Development Department before submitting any applications. This ensures that the department is aware of the application and that all application requirements have been met.

Applications and all supporting materials are due to the Development Department 30 days prior to meetings.

Once the completed application form is received, it is reviewed by Development Department staff and the resulting analysis is provided to the HDAC for their consideration before making a decision. Applications that come before the HDAC are seeking a “Certificate of Appropriateness”. The HDAC has the authority to review applications and make a decision to approve, deny, or recommend modifications. The HDAC typically basis their decisions on staff recommendations and the City of Powell Architectural Guidelines. At each stage, the applicant must do their best to address staff, HDAC, and public concerns and questions.

Application Forms

Certificate of Appropriateness Application Form
Public Hearing Notice – Sign Template
Appeal Application Form


Downtown Architectural Guidelines (1995)
Guidelines for new construction and renovation of buildings in Powell’s historic downtown.

Development Toolkit

Meeting Structure

Rules & Procedures



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