Project Update: 2024 Street and Path Maintenance Program

The 2024 Street and Path Maintenance Program continues in full swing with continued work on Phase 1 concrete repairs including the Stamford and Andover area and the approaches at City Hall, the Service Department, and Village Green Park. Additionally, Strawser Paving also continued its efforts on the shared-use paths, completing Grey Oaks and starting on the Powell Road improvements.

This week Strawser will remove the second half of the Public Service garage approach and will remove sidewalk panels on Stamford and Andover beginning Monday. These areas are scheduled to have the new concrete placed starting Wednesday, June 19th. Restoration of disturbed areas will begin Tuesday, June 18th including topsoil and seeding.  Additionally, pavement planing is scheduled to begin starting Wednesday June 19th. The program will take a slight pause Friday, June 21st through Saturday, June 23rd due to the Powell Festival.

Please click on the map below for further information.


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