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You’re on the move and it’s our job to make sure you get there safely and timely. You had a vision in mind and our comprehensive plan put it on paper. Now we’re putting that plan into action. We’re completing Murphy Parkway, developing roadway connections, installing more and better-timed traffic lights. The City of Powell continues to listen to your concerns and is working to improve traffic circulation, add parking and increase walkability in our ever-evolving city. Join the movement on Facebook and Twitter and learn how you can Keep Powell Moving.

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Visit here to get the facts about the Keep Powell Moving initiative.

Get the Plan

Visit here to read the 2016 Downtown Powell Street System & Circulation Plan. This Plan represents one of the key implementation initiatives recommended by the 2015 City of Powell Comprehensive Plan. This more focused planning effort was undertaken to develop design concepts for physical improvements to existing streets and parking areas and for new potential street and alley connections that will help alleviate congestion and improve traffic flow at the Four Corners.


Fact Sheet


Keep Powell Moving Public Workshop Presentation | Aug. 30, 2016

Keep Powell Moving Public Workshop Presentation | June 28, 2016

Comprehensive Plan