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What is a comprehensive plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a guide developed with significant public input that specifies a vision of the community 20 years into the future and provides the policies and recommendations needed to achieve that aspirational vision. The Powell Comprehensive Plan was adopted by Powell City Council in the fall of 2015 after 18 months of updating the plan. 

Broad in scope, a comprehensive plans touch on a variety of topics such as land use, transportation, development, annexation, and infrastructure decisions.

As a guidance document, the plan is considered by Powell City staff members, Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Council when making decisions to ensure they are consistent with the long-term vision of the plan.  For instance, the plan helps when assessing the character, location, and extent of public investment in the city.

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Why update the plan?

In 2014, the Powell Comprehensive Plan was approaching the twenty-year mark since its adoption in 1995. While many of the plan’s policies and recommendations remained relevant, much has changed in the intervening years and as a result, it was time to take into account these changes in an update.

Powell, led by a committee made up of residents and business owners, undertook the plan update to respond to changes that have occurred and establish, with community involvement, a vision for the next twenty years. Powell City Council approved the plan in fall 2015. The updated plan is made up of six parts:

What pieces and parts make up a comprehensive plan?


Establishing the vision



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Land Use:
Which types of development are best and where do we put them?




Keep cars and more importantly, people moving.




Fiscal Analysis:
Ensuring policies and plans are financially sustainable.




How to make the vision a reality




Additional Info:
Referenced plans and documents




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