Adventure Park pickleball project update

The pickleball project is progressing! On Tues., Feb. 20, City Council adopted Resolution 2024-11, authorizing an agreement with EMH&T to provide construction administration and inspection services due to the specificity of the project design. The 2024 CIP budget includes funds for the pickleball project, and we want to ensure the courts are constructed per the construction plans, meeting the specific standards and specifications.

Construction bids will be opened Mon., Feb. 26 and will be evaluated. Following a successful bid, the City plans to present the contract to City Council for consideration in March. The bid was strategically aligned with the 2024 Street and Path Maintenance program to further drive efficiencies. Barring any unforeseen events, the legislative schedule combined with the construction schedule would allow play to begin on the Adventure Park pickleball courts in this summer.

Once the City is in contract with the construction company, we will be able to provide a more detailed schedule and timeline. Interested in learning more about capital improvements? Check out our 2024 project video here:


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