Keep your storm drains clear

You’re challenged to keep your storm drains clear from litter and debris. Big things on top of storm drains make big water problems like flooding and water degradation. Little things such as candy wrappers leftover from Halloween and sticks and twigs can accumulate to make big water problems. Periodically when the weather is nice, take a glance at the storm drain to see if any debris is near it. If you see debris; recycle, compost, or trash it.

The most common complaint the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District hears about storm drain dumping is about people throwing dog waste down the storm drain. Pet waste needs to be put in the trash. It is not recommended to compost dog waste. The second most common complaint is about rinsing paint cans and buckets near storm drains. To dispose of unwanted paint, dry it out by using kitty litter. After the unwanted paint has been absorbed by kitty litter, dispose of it in the trash.

-Submitted by the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District 


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