Powell Citizen Financial Review Task Force

Proposed Income Tax Increase for Infrastructure Maintenance to Appear on Fall Ballot

Powell City Council voted in August to place an income tax increase for infrastructure maintenance before Powell residents on the Nov. 6, 2018 ballot. The ballot measure proposes raising the income tax rate from 0.75 percent to 1.15 percent while increasing the credit from 0.25 percent to 0.50 percent for residents who pay taxes to the municipality in which they work. It would require City Council to allocate at least 25 percent of all income tax revenue to infrastructure maintenance and improvements.

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Public Forum – 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30 – Municipal Building Coffee Chambers

Coffee with the Mayor & City Manager – Various dates and times – Visit here for the next event

Neighborhood Gatherings

Have an upcoming homeowner association meeting or neighbors interested in learning more about the proposed income tax increase? Schedule a member of City Council, the Citizen Financial Review Task Force or City staff to provide a brief overview and answer any questions. Email mcanavan@cityofpowell.us or call 614.885.5380 ext. 1022 to schedule a discussion in your neighborhood.

Capital Maintenance Needs Tour

Take an interactive tour of where our most critical capital maintenance needs are located in the community.

City Council created a Citizen Task Force to discover the financial facts by the people, for the people.

Eighteen of your neighbors spent more than 300 volunteer hours learning how the money comes in and how the City spends it to maintain the streets, bike paths, parks and traffic signals we all use.

Task Force Goals

-Undertake a high level review of the City’s cost reduction efforts to date, compare service levels and costs to other jurisdictions, consider best practices, and identify possible near-term strategies for additional savings.

-Determine the long-range financial impacts of revenue losses and reductions, structural changes to the overall revenue stream as a result of these reductions, and their impacts to operating and capital improvement budgets looking forward.

-Assess the potential for strengthening long-term revenue prospects through approaches such as, but not limited to adjusting user fees, including indirect costs in cost recovery efforts, increasing the income tax rate, reducing the income tax credit or increasing property taxes, and economic development.

-Review near-term and long-term capital needs and identify potential funding sources.

-Report findings and provide viable options for City Council to consider by the end of June, 2018.


Mike Barker – Golf Village

Vicki Vendramin – Golf Village

Terry Hoppman – Golf Village

Jeff Gardiner – Golf Village

Randall Sampson – Golf Village

Eric Prall – Lakes of Powell

Bruce Dorstewitz – Lakes of Powell

Christina Drummond – Grandshire

Lisa Gruebel – Liberty Ridge

Ross Gillespie – Grandshire

Craig Sedoris – Powell Business Leader

Tom Ewers – The Retreat

Heather Robinson Lindsey – Olentangy Ridge

Tom Jedlinsky – The Retreat

Rich Cline – Falcon Ridge* (Chair)

Barb Walters – Deer Run

John Cruise – Falcon Ridge

Tom O’Brien – Falcon Ridge