Current Proposals

City Council

Ordinance 2022-09: An ordinance approving development text deviations and a final development plan with all associated site improvements for the first phase of a +/-70-acre development at 3041 Home Road, consisting of +/-25.7 acres to be developed with 126 residential units in 24 buildings, zoned Planned Commercial District as submitted by POD Design on behalf of Redwood LLC.
Type of Review:
 Final Development Plan
Applicant: Redwood LLC
Location: 3041 Home Road
Zoning: PC – Planned Commercial District

Planning and Zoning Proposals (P&Z) 


Type of Review: Sketch Plan
Applicant: Horsepower Farms LLC
Location: 7860 Steitz Road
Existing Zoning: FR1 – Liberty Township Farm Residence District
Requested Zoning: PC – Planned Commercial District
Request:Review and feedback of a Sketch Plan to construct seven garage condominiums on a ±6.357 acre lot.



Historic Downtown Advisory Commission Proposals (HDAC)

Type of Review: Certificate of Appropriateness
Applicant: Gary Baker, Baker Properties
Location: 119 North Liberty Street
Zoning: DR – Downtown Residence District
Request: Review and approval of a proposal to change and update the exterior materials of an existing residential structure, including the roof, siding, trim, gutters and windows.



Board of Zoning Appeals Proposals (BZA)


Type of Review: Variance
Applicant: Market at Liberty Crossing, represented by Heather King, EMH&T
Location: 3952 West Powell Road
Zoning: PC – Planned Commercial District
Request: Review and approval of a variance to Code Section 1145.15 to reduce the required frontage from 160 feet to approximately 80 feet along Farmington Avenue to allow for a lot split to facilitate additional development within the shopping center.


Archived Proposals

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