Community Attitude Survey

The City of Powell is partnering with Columbus-based Saperstein Associates to conduct the Powell Community Attitude Survey.

This year’s phone survey will be similar to those conducted in past years, with Saperstein Associates interviewing a cross-section of approximately 400 residents.

“The survey results assist City Council and staff in establishing priorities for projects and funding,” said City Manager Andrew White. “We value the thoughts and opinions of our residents. The results will allow us to determine if there are any trends comparable to previous surveys and provide insight into how our residents feel about different topics. Previous survey results have led to plans such as the Keep Powell Moving initiative, new community events and different approaches to community engagement.”

Saperstein Associates will begin conducting mobile and landline phone calls in mid-February. Each phone survey typically takes 15-20 minutes. The phone number used by Saperstein Associates will begin with the area code 3-8-0. 

Residents will be asked about a variety of topics pertaining to Powell, from what they like most about living in the City to what public officials should consider to be top priorities for the future. This year’s survey will include questions pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as diversity and inclusion.

Results from the previous Community Attitude Surveys can be found here. The results from this year’s Community Attitude Survey are expected to be presented to City Council in April and will be made available online to the public.