City issues RFQ for Design Consultation Services for the Lechler Building

The City of Powell, Ohio is inviting proposals from architecture firms experienced in developing designs through construction documents for the renovation of the Lechler Building and associated site located at 453 Murphy Parkway, Powell, Ohio. This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is in accordance with Ohio law and outlines the criteria and requirements for the design consultation services (the deadline has been extended to Fri., Sept. 29 at 2 p.m.)

Requested work:

The City of Powell seeks proposals from architecture firms to provide design consultation services for the renovation of the Lechler Building and its site. The scope of work includes:

  1. Condition assessment, design, and renovation of the existing 4300 sq. ft. building at 453 Murphy Parkway, which currently serves as a storage facility for City assets.
  2. Design and renovation of the site to create a gateway into the City of Powell’s incorporated limits, considering the ongoing use of the facility for asset storage.
  3. Designing a connection to other City parks and facilities, establishing a City brand for future reference.

The estimated overall project cost, including design and construction, is approximately $700,000. The site plan document can be accessed here: Lechler Site.

Questions may be directed to:
Jeffrey Tyler, Assistant City Manager / Community Development Director


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