Capital Improvement Project Plan (2022-2026)

The City of Powell Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) sets a course of action and establishes a blueprint for investment in its capital infrastructure. This fiscal management and community planning tool helps coordinate the location, timing and financing of capital improvements over a five-year period. This plan includes primary and secondary priority project narratives and project scopes along with opinions of cost, next steps and potential financing sources. Projects in the CIP include non-recurring physical expenditures such as land, buildings and public infrastructure.

Purpose of a CIP

The CIP is an ever-changing document and should be reviewed and updated annually to reflect the changing needs, priorities, and funding opportunities within the city of Powell.

-Ensures the timely repair and replacement of aging infrastructure.

-Provides a level of certainty for residents, businesses, and developers regarding the location and timing of public investments.

-Identifies the most economical means of financing capital improvements.

-Eliminates unanticipated, poorly planned, or unnecessary capital expenditures.

-Ensures that patterns of growth and development are consistent with the comprehensive plan and other community.

-Balances desired public improvements with the community’s financial resources.

Current Draft Plan